I am scrupulously committed to finding a balance between my family and my work, both of which make my life so fantastically rewarding. Despite the high demands of my former company I re-designed and tailored the business to enable me to work anywhere in the world and not lose precious time with my children. As a single parent, I was able to run two successful companies in parallel with 1 common goal… “to exceed expectations.”

Self motivation to deliver and a strong work ethic enabled me to see the bigger picture of all projects and whilst some companies may be disinclined to engage with a single parent, I remain undeterred. To be content in both personal life and at work there must be equilibrium in time management and I do my best to achieve this.

My courage, strength and drive to succeed not only helps secure a future for my children but in essence proves that as a professional individual I can overcome all obstacles and still be a great mother.


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I believe that there are 5 fundamental pillars to success, all of which I have personally committed to over the years in an effort to wake up each morning excited about work! Whilst my business was my baby, I knew eventually I would one day have to let it go, but the memories and lessons learned would stay with me forever.

With competitors on my doorstep I was constantly focused on bringing something new to the table and would consider myself as naturally pro-active. Experience has taught me that if you are passionate in making something work, you must be reactive to change and dare to be different.

Tongue in cheek marketing paved its way for my former commercial diving company to become a leading brand in hull cleaning. Tailored and unique marketing tactics throughout targeted marina’s and pubs in high capacity sailing venues generated high volumes of business and formed the perfect source of cash flow.

I never set out to be a leader but I became one through the quality of my actions and the integrity of my intent. Having a passion for my work reflected amongst the teams as they engaged in various projects. A focused commitment to their individual welfare was reciprocated in their valiant efforts to work towards a common goal. I worked hard to nurture and expand individual talent and used this wisely in selective skill setting for complex and arduous tasks.

Customer loyalty created the footprint for growth in my company and whilst my principle focus remained on building customer relationships I was always searching for new initiatives. My charismatic personality and professional approach built the foundations of trust and bridges of friendship. As part of my initiative to improve our service and broaden our scope I would often make personal sacrifices until I could create a framework to help support the structure.

Without any formal financial education or university training I learned everything through practice and common sense. I refrained from borrowing on the principle of ethics and as a result built my company slowly. In essence I chose to create deep rooted foundations of stability that supported the various working platforms. Once established the platforms were used to elevate the company following each of its successes. With turnover increasing and profits appearing I chose reinvestment over personal income in order to make purchases that would substantiate brand awareness and give us control of target markets. With the right initiative, infrastructure, client base and equipment the company took off running.


Despite a competitive market I remained completely focused on developing brand awareness and performance with the principle objective to build customer relationships and exceed expectations.
With a pro-active approach I focused on a targetable portion of the market that was on our doorstep and with a highly experienced dive team boasting a sailing background we were well positioned to capitalise on the hull cleaning side of the business in the yachting sector. My target audience initially was for providing general boat owners with “added value” as part of a continued customer service program at no additional cost.

Without any detrimental impact on profit margins, I was able to reach beyond our competitors not only in our expertise but also in our deliverance by implementing a VISUAL SERVICE. This started by simply taking photo’s pre and post dive as well highlighting issues and notifications giving our client full access to what was happening to their vessel below the waterline. This was immediately uploaded onsite for viewing as well as being sent to the office. All images were interpreted prior to the compilation of a full visual report which was emailed to the client within 8hrs. This service ticked all of the boxes and was particularly welcomed by the owners/representatives/skippers of racing yachts. An extension of this service was later implemented by offering a 24hr Emergency Call Out resulting in the company linking arms with marina’s, boat yards, shipping companies, marine breakdown response units, harbour authorities, coastguards, port control and customs officials etc

With the brand becoming distinguished in its own right we soon became the leading supplier of Diving Services and Regatta Support for major sailing events around the UK and Ireland. With such an overwhelming response from our commercial suppliers this new feature became a fully chargeable service to charter companies giving the agent, owner and charterer piece of mind regarding the condition of the vessel below the waterline prior to and post racing.

This function was carried out remotely with the images downloaded by me wherever I was at the time, interpreted, uploaded and emailed directly to the client within minutes of the dive taking place. My experience and background enabled me to offer solution based ideas for resolution and/or preventative maintenance programs which were both realistic and affordable. As a result, we were awarded regular contracts with our owners on a continual basis throughout the year providing a valuable resource for a sustained cash flow. This developed into the undertaking of additional work during the winter months with both motor and sailing vessels up to 60′ once again fulfilling seasonal voids and providing an excellent strategy for company growth.

It was this simple intuitive idea that provided a sustainable income. It increased cash-flow and raised profits considerably. Customer relationships were built with solid foundations. We quickly dominated the market due to our excellence and were positioned at the cutting edge of the industry.

Stacey Rivers Project Management