PROJECT BRIEF To remove all fouling and crustacean deposits from twin screw motor yacht.  Works included prepping all running gear including shafts, trim tabs, rudders and burnish props to a mirror finish in order to reach optimum performance and improve the overall efficiency of the vessel by reducing running costs.
RESPONSIBILITIES Director of Operations | Project Manager | Polisher and Finisher.  All works were carried out with the props and shafts in situ, with all prep work undertaken by hand due to the intricate nature of this project.  A staged wet and dry process up 2000grit gave the perfect finishing platform with the final stages incorporating a series of polishing soaps and a polishing machine in order to reach a flawless mirrored  finish
CLIENT Private Client
CHALLENGES A previous contractor had used a grinder which had sadly etched deep marks into the metal giving the props an uneven finish.  Polishing out some of the grinder marks would have led to removing too much metal and thus weakening the units with the potential to off balance.  A compromise was therefore sought to reduce these marks but without affecting the balance of the propellers.  Working underneath vessels and working with high speed machinery always carries an inherent risk, not to mention the financial implications of damaging any one of the units or their blades.  The trailing edges of the blades are sharp, the rope cutters are sharp which pose significant dangers and therefore appropriate PPE must be worn at all times.  Time constraints with working with powered machinery and poor weather can compromise the timeline of a project, which is another reason for completing the works by hand, as these works can be completed in all weathers without jeopardising safety or quality of works.
OUTCOME Project completed
Stacey Rivers Project Management