PROJECT BRIEF A generous financial budget and long term assignment to rejuvenate the systems, processes and staff training culture of an existing watersports resort located on a remote island in the South China Sea.
RESPONSIBILITIES To design a staff training culture that would develop the skills and competency for the watersports team comprising of indonesian men and women.  I was in principle responsible for the implementation and development of new and improved systems in the diving, parasailing, snorkelling, waterskiing/wakeboarding, surfing, sailing and windsurfing divisions.  I implemented maintenance routines for all vessels and equipment.  Safety was a key feature in the rejuvenation project not only in training the staff to deal with medical emergencies but also to prevent them from happening.  I was also partly responsible for the development of innovative solutions i.e. to increase profits by expanding the business activities for both NE and SW Monsoon periods.
CLIENT Eresindo Resorts PTE Ltd
CHALLENGES Due to the islands location all acquisitions, importations and logistical arrangements made this project a constant challenge.  This project was also run during the period of major civil unrest throughout Indonesia which heavily impacted the resort and at one time jeopardised the safety of all personnel including the local staff.  Whilst meteorological conditions during NE Monsoon provided perfect conditions for wave sailing and surfing, they also posed dangerous risks to all water users which had to be diligently managed.
OUTCOME Mana Mana became a pioneer watersports centres in SE Asia that offered unparalleled facilities and equipment.  They were hosts and formed part of the Asian Windsurfing Tour bringing professional sailors from as far as Japan and Hawaii to compete at International level during the NE Monsoon captivating an audience of 150 million views through cable TV.  The centre also became assigned with Neil Pryde and Starboard sponsorship deals as well as becoming a PADI dive centre.  The vast majority of staff went on to fulfil employment opportunities around the world broadening their outlook on life which they may never ordinarily have achieved.
Stacey Rivers Project Management