PROJECT BRIEF To organise for this vessel to be delivered from Italy and to carry out extensive works ready for a season of racing in preparation for a Fastnet Campaign.  A comprehensive WBS was drafted upon its arrival to LYH comprising of multiple tasks.  On completion of the planning and commissioning works the timeline was calculated and the tasks were categorised into Summary Tasks comprising of:-  Decommissioning works, Mechanical works, Yard works, Rigger works, Electrical works, Safety servicing works, Gas system works, Detailing works, Hull prep works, Antifoul works, Teak works, Sails and exterior canvas works, Grp and paintwork (Alwgrip), Freshwater system works, Steering system works, Misc works.  I directed and managed all works as well as being personally responsible for all finial finishing and detailing.  This project was executed using excel and ms project.
RESPONSIBILITIES Director of Operations | Project Manager | Contractor Final Finishing
CLIENT Private Client
CHALLENGES There was no initial snag list with this vessel apart from recommendations concluded from the purchase survey report which was amalgamated into the WBS.  All other works were generated following a comprehensive detail of the vessel which highlighted some tasks that required technical information specific to the vessel which was only available from the boat builder in Italy, Solaris Yachts.

Project Managing works in a relatively small confined space with multiple contractors  working around the weather always lends itself to potential cross-over but I work hard to avoid such situations and co-ordinate works meticulously in order to maintain momentum throughout the lifecycle of the project.  Having a good understanding of the works enables me to do this which is supported by my strong communication and organisational skills.

The previous owner of this vessel was Italian and therefore all manuals, equipment/machinery labelling and distribution board (AC/DC panel) were in Italian.  I therefore had all manuals translated and re-printed into English, including all vessel layout plans and schematics.  I also designed and organised for a new high quality traffolyte distribution panel to be fabricated to house all of the existing display units at the nav station as well as AC RCD’s and DC circuitry.

The owner requested larger visible instruments on deck to support their Fastnet training campaign as the Raymarine ST60’s were considered too small and limited.  I researched the various options and opted for 3 new Garmin GNX120’s 7″ displays to be supplied and fitted into a purpose built carbon bracket that I had mounted onto the mast.  To support full functionality for the helm station I had a Garmin keypad fitted.  I was also  responsible for organising the new NMEA2000 cabling and to make off all relevant N2K field connectors as well mounting and interfacing the STng-ST1 converter at the chart table to link the existing Raymarine sea talk data to the new Garmin GNX120 displays.

Working outside in the Spring presents challenges whether it is controlling moisture content or low temperatures.  This year we experienced 3 severed snow storms in this 6 week lifecycle, temperatures of -9 degrees C and repeated rainfall.  Other restrictions included those associated with working in the confines of a large boatyard adjacent to  a sand blasting bay.  Due to the draft of this vessel she has a designated cradle which is in constant demand therefore timing is critical and works are constantly scheduled in accordance with the weather, the surrounding conditions and subcontractors commitments with my final finishing works being co-ordinated around everything else.  A systematic process is essential although flexibility is key.  Managing this flexibility and timing is often critical to the project outcome and one that I have become fully accustomed to other the years with all projects running to schedule and quality never being compromised.  Service excellence is key with the principle objective to exceed expectation

OUTCOME Project completed 7 days over existing schedule despite severe weather and unforeseen issues that required immediate resolve
Stacey Rivers Project Management