Working in the marine industry for over 20 years I have had both a legal and moral obligation to consider all necessary precautions in the protection and management of environmental sustainability. My pragmatic approach has enabled me to develop workable solutions to complex projects with consideration for the ecological impact on water quality, ecosystem habitat, terrestrial flora, terrestrial fauna, aquatic flora, aquatic mammals, benthic community, fisheries, fish habitat, fish migration, fish production and fish species composition.

I have experience in writing Environmental Policies, Environmental Risk Assessments and Environmental Management Plans in line with regulators IMO, EA and the Water Framework Directive.  As part of my portfolio I have project managed dive teams working in highly sensitive environments owned and managed by Regional Water Authorities and premier fisheries in the execution of subsurface construction and engineering works.

A natural affinity to water has enabled me to engage with the environment through work, travel and lifestyle.  As a mother that has travelled the world I am both passionate and committed towards educating my children in a sustainable tomorrow and believe that this begins with the actions of youth today.  I encourage and inspire my colleagues and children to protect its subsistence, preserve its aesthetic natural beauty and prevent any undue harm.

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Skills : Environmental, HSEQ

Stacey Rivers Project Management